6 things you should know about LinkedIn Showcase Pages

If you hadn’t heard, LinkedIn is removing the ‘Products & Services’ tab from Company Pages on 14 April 2014 with significant implications for companies that have invested time and effort in building their presence on the professional social network. They recommend that firms use their existing Company Pages to update followers on products and services, [...]

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Baby’s First Words: The opening tweets of well known brands

It’s throwback Thursday, so let’s take a look at some of the more interesting first tweets from some well known brands. Friendly Hello twitter. We’ll be sharing tasty food ideas throughout the day. Come say hello and let us know what’s inspiring you to cook today. — Sainsbury’s (@sainsburys) November 2, 2009 Corny Welcome to [...]

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Four Important Digital Trends for 2014

eMarketer recently released its Key Digital Trends for 2014 research report with a strong focus on mobile, always-on consumers and what this means for marketers. If you want to read the full report it can be downloaded here (registration required), but here’s a quick summary. 1. Mobile According to eMarketer’s estimates, the amount of time spent daily by [...]

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How NOT to respond to job applicants: museum curator accuses candidate of putting themselves first

The response to an innocent enquiry from a potential job applicant is going viral after a candidate posted an email received from the museum curator on Twitter. Rachel Fox, “artist, curator and poetry slam producer” according to her Twitter bio, got a bit more than she bargained for after asking what she thought was a [...]

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Is social media killing our ability to think?

According to a paper titled ‘Analytical reasoning task reveals limits of social learning in networks’ published in The Journal of the Royal Society Interface last week, social networks make us less able to think analytically. Through a set of laboratory-based experiments, its authors – Iyad Rahwan, Dmytro Krasnoshtan, Azim Shariff and Jean-François Bonnefon – found that [...]

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Who’s winning the war for growth – Twitter or LinkedIn?

Both Twitter and LinkedIn posted Q4 2013 earnings results this week, and both saw sharp declines in their stock price. But what other comparisons can be made from the usage data they made available? User numbers Although the two firms use different methods of calculating active users (Twitter has its own Monthly Active Users metric, [...]

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How Twitter’s user engagement problem affects brands

In case you hadn’t heard, Twitter has something of a user engagement problem. In its Q4 2013 earnings results the social network reported that whilst user numbers had grown overall, both the total number of timeline views and the number of timeline views per active user had sharply decreased, as shown below. Some commentators are [...]

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Twitter’s quarterly results: what marketers really need to know

There’s been a lot of negative coverage this morning regarding Twitter’s latest financial results. The focus has been on the poor profit figures (the company posted a net loss for the full year of $645 million against revenues of $665 million), but what numbers did the social network reveal that might be of interest to [...]

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How to create your own social analytics dashboard

There are a lot of social media metrics and measurement tools out there aimed at corporate users. Some of them are quite good. Some less so. But pretty much all of them require us to buy into the way in which they define and calculate success. The problem with this approach is that there is little or [...]

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Putting the social media cart before the horse

I’ve noticed an increase in the number of prospective clients talking to me about how they need to take a more grown-up approach to their use of social media. They tell me they know they’ve not been very good at using it and need to get a proper structure and strategy in place that is [...]

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